Bio-Plex Pro™ Wash Station


The Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station eliminates manual wash steps from Bio-Plex Assays, making them as easy as ELISAs. The wash station is specifically designed to perform Bio-Plex Assay wash steps, but it is also compatible with any standard xMAP assay.

Features and Benefits of the Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station

  • Improved lab productivity
  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • Optimized on-board protocols

The Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station incorporates a magnetic plate carrier for reliable, hands-free wash steps on magnetic bead-based assays (Bio-Plex Pro and MagPlex Assays).

Preset wash programs have been optimized for Bio-Plex Assays. Using the Bio-Plex Pro Wash Station in an assay workflow reduces manual intervention and decreases variability between independent experiments.

Input voltage range 100–240 V, 1.8 A, 47 – 63 Hz
Physical dimensions 44 x 61 x 8 cm (W x D x H)
Weight 14.4 kg (32 lb)
Communications interface RS – 232
Plate capacity One 96 –well microtiter plate "≤0.75"

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

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Bio-Plex Pro™ Wash Station

Microplate wash station for magnetic bead–based assays, includes magnetic plate carrier, waste bottle, 2 buffer bottles

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