ADAGIO™ Automated System


The ADAGIO™ System for automated reading and interpreting of antimicrobial disk susceptibility tests is built around data management software and an imaging device that measures the inhibition zone size around an antibiotic disk. ADAGIO™ offers built-in expertise for the detection of the most frequent antibiotic resistance mechanisms, as well as detection of inconsistent results and technical errors.

ADAGIO™ software includes a powerful tool for surveying resistance trends and nosocomial infections. It is designed to connect to any laboratory network via intranet access. Download patient data and test data to the ADAGIO™, and upload results seamlessly to the LIS from any computer on the network.

The ADAGIO™ Epidemiology Software Module includes predefined epidemiology queries using multiple criteria, including the ability to eliminate duplicate test results. It can also be used to monitor outbreaks of multi-drug resistant bacteria and nosocomial infections. Please contact your local Bio-Rad representative for further information.


Automated system for reading and interpreting antimicrobial disk susceptibility tests; measures inhibition zone size around an antibiotic disk (1 unit)

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