Access Antibodies

Access Antibodies

Range of human or animal antibodies to diverse molecules or proteins (for research use only):


Catalog N° Product Name Description
56413 Monoclonal Ab TG12 Monoclonal anti-Thyroglobulin 12 antibody
56414 Monoclonal Ab TG4 Monoclonal anti-Thyroglobulin 4 antibody
56433 Monoclonal Ab Insulin P10 Monoclonal antibody to insulin P10
50920 Anti-CD7 T cell Monoclonal A Monoclonal antibody to CD7 T cells
56415 Monoclonal Ab TG5 Monoclonal anti-Thyroglobulin 5 antibody
56416 Monoclonal Ab TG2 Monoclonal anti-Thyroglobulin 2 antibody
56412 Monoclonal Ab Insulin 19 Monoclonal antibody to insulin 19
56417 Monoclonal Ab TG13 Monoclonal anti-Thyroglobulin 13 antibody


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