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Next-Generation Sequencing and Droplet Digital™ PCR Accurately Determine Copy Number States for Multiallelic Copy Number Variations

A study published by scientists at Harvard Medical School and Bio-Rad’s Digital Biology Center validates next-generation sequencing and Droplet Digital PCR as highly accurate tools for the characterization of multiallelic copy number variations.
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Bio-Rad Adds New PrimePCR™ Products for Droplet Digital™ PCR

New assays include centromeric copy number reference assays, mutation detection assays, and assays for transcriptome-wide gene expression analysis. This expands Bio-Rad's offering of PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital PCR to more than 120,000 across key applications.
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Bio-Rad Adds Six New Genomes to Line of PrimePCR™ Assays for Real-Time PCR

Expertly designed PrimePCR Assays are now available for the rhesus monkey, zebrafish, yeast, cow, rabbit, and pig genomes.
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Bio-Rad Protein Expression Products, Genomic Workflow Solutions Earn Industry Awards

Bio-Rad receives prestigious Life Science Industry Awards for Best Protein Expression & Analysis Products and Best Workflow Solutions — Genomics.
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Bio-Rad Introduces the ddPCR™ KRAS Screening Multiplex Kit for Cancer Research

By combining the benefits of ddPCR with multiplex technology, Bio-Rad’s ddPCR KRAS Screening Multiplex Kit provides scientists the ability to detect seven of the most common KRAS mutations in a single Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR) experiment while saving time and precious sample.
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Bio-Rad Introduces Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Inflammation Panels for Superior Profiling of Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Other Disease Biomarkers

Scientists can now quantify 37 key biomarkers of inflammation in a single assay, saving time, money, and sample.
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Bio-Rad Launches Easy-to-Use PureBlu™ Nuclear Staining Dyes

PureBlu Nuclear Staining Dyes simplify DNA staining by eliminating the need for weighing and multiple dilution steps.
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Bio-Rad Launches Benchtop S3e™ Cell Sorter with AutoGimbal™ Nozzle Alignment System

The simple setup and hands-free calibration of the S3e Cell Sorter now allows scientists to perform one- to four-color sorts without the need for a core facility.
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Bio-Rad Introduces a Simple Way to Assess the Viability of Cells for Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting that is Compatible with Fixation

VivaFix™ Cell Viability Assays offer researchers a way to better identify dead cell populations for flow cytometry and cell sorting experiments.
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Bio-Rad’s Newest NGC™ Chromatography Systems Automate Workflow

The new NGC Discover™ and NGC™ Discover Pro Systems combine the ease of use characteristic of the NGC Chromatography System family with automation features and throughput capabilities that meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.
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