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Chromatography Experts to Discuss Novel Downstream Purification Technologies at BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition

Bio-Rad’s pre-conference workshop at the BioProcess International Conference & Exhibition to feature new approaches and tools that purify diverse biomolecules and quantify impurities in downstream processes.
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Benefits of Using Droplet Digital PCR for Measuring Immunotherapy Response Highlighted in Presentations at 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting

Researchers presented evidence of clinical potential for how circulating tumor DNA, measured by ddPCR, could be used as a biomarker to identify pseudoprogression and measure early indicators of response in immuno-oncology therapies.
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Bio-Rad Introduces First Droplet Digital™ PCR–Based Assays to Quickly Quantify CRISPR Efficiency

Bio-Rad’s ddPCR™ Genome Edit Detection Assays are the first tests to characterize edits generated by CRISPR-Cas9 or other genome editing tools using Droplet Digital PCR, enabling fast, sensitive, and cost-effective quantification of CRISPR efficiency.
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Bio-Rad Launches CFX Maestro™ Software for Real-Time PCR Data Analysis

Only CFX Maestro provides researchers with an integrated suite of real-time PCR tools, making data collection, statistical analysis, and design of publication-ready graphs easy.
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Bio-Rad Launches New RT-PCR Assay Kit for Simultaneous Detection of Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya Viruses

The ZDC Multiplex RT-PCR Assay (Research Use Only) is a wet-lab validated PCR test that not only enables simultaneous detection of Zika, dengue, and chikungunya viral RNAs in a single reaction, but also includes all the controls to validate the assay results.
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Technical Support Update

Microsoft operating systems recently experienced a security vulnerability resulting from a widespread ransomware attack through Microsoft’s network environments on a global scale. Bio-Rad’s internal IT team has evaluated the technical details of the Microsoft security update and has approved the patch.
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Bio-Rad Expands Its Multiplex Immunoassays with the Launch of Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Apolipoprotein Panel

The Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Apolipoprotein Panel allows researchers to detect nine key apolipoproteins and C-reactive protein — targets important for cardiovascular and neurobiology research — all in a single well.
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Bio-Rad Releases Labeled Antibodies for Fluorescent Multiplex Detection of Proteins in Western Blots

StarBright™ Blue 700 Secondary Antibodies offer highly sensitive fluorescent detection, short exposure times, and easy multiplexing for western blotting. hFAB™ Rhodamine Primary Antibodies offer a reliable and easy method for one-step detection of common housekeeping proteins.
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Bio-Rad Receives Best New Product for its ZE5™ Cell Analyzer at INTERPHEX 2017

Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. announced that its ZE5™ Cell Analyzer was named the “Best New Product/Service” during International Pharmaceutical Expo (INTERPHEX) held in New York last month.
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2017 AACR Annual Meeting Presentations Highlight the Use of Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology for Liquid Biopsies in Cancer Research

Researchers will present more than 50 new studies at AACR. Building on last year’s trend, many will showcase the power of Droplet Digital PCR technology for detecting biomarkers in cancer liquid biopsies.
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