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Bio-Rad Launches Clarity Max™ Western ECL Substrate

The new Clarity Max Western ECL Substrate is an enhanced chemiluminescent (ECL) detection reagent that provides superior performance for low-abundance proteins, whether using film or digital detection systems.
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Bio-Rad Launches ddPCR™ CHO and E. coli Kits for Direct Quantification of Residual Host Cell DNA

The ddPCR kits for residual DNA quantification streamline pharmaceutical quality control by quantifying host cell DNA without nucleic acid purification.
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New Method to Assess Effectiveness of Genome-Editing Technologies

Researchers publish a new method that for the first time allows the accurate and sensitive quantification of both precise and random gene-editing events simultaneously using Droplet Digital™ PCR.
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Bio-Rad’s New Software Makes Purifying Proteins with NGC™ Chromatography Systems Even Easier

ChromLab™ Software for NGC™ Chromatography Systems simplifies protein purification with intuitive system control, method development, and data analysis.
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Dana-Farber Liquid Biopsy Trial Highlights the Value of Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology in Clinical Settings

Results from a two-year study of lung cancer patients at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston have validated the use of cell-free DNA as a predictive diagnostic tool.
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2016 AACR Annual Meeting Presentations Highlight Advances in Cancer DNA Biomarker Research Using Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology

Scientists will present 20 new studies demonstrating the accuracy and sensitivity of Droplet Digital PCR technology for the detection of cancer biomarkers.
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Bio-Rad Expands ddPCR™ Multiplex Mutation Screening Kit Portfolio for Cancer Research

Five new Droplet Digital™ PCR Multiplex Mutation Screening Kits available for detecting several key actionable cancer mutations in a single reaction.
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Bio-Rad Announces CE IVD Marking of its QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System for Use as an In Vitro Diagnostic

Researchers can use the QX200 system for highly-accurate detection and quantification of nucleic acids, aiding clinical decision-making in the treatment of diseases ranging from cancer to transplant rejection and viral infection.
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Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Proves Highly Reproducible at Identifying Viral RNA Mutations in Clinical Samples

Scientists show that Droplet Digital PCR allows more sensitive, precise, and reproducible detection of mutations associated with drug-resistant viral infections.
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Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology Highlighted at the 2015 ASHG Annual Meeting, Baltimore, October 6–10

Scientists will present 18 new studies that have used Droplet Digital PCR for applications that range from measuring complex genome rearrangements to quantifying genome editing events.
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