Protein Separation and Analysis



The protein electrophoresis workflow involves the selection of the appropriate method, instrumentation, and reagents for the intended experimental goal. Once proteins are separated, they are available for a number of downstream applications, including enzymatic assays, further purification, transfer to a membrane for immunological detection (immunoblotting or western blotting), and elution and digestion for mass spectrometric analysis. This section provides an overview of the electrophoresis workflow and leads you to individual sections of the workflow with protocols, tips, FAQs, and useful documents. The Electrophoresis Guide also contains helpful information on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and detection. For more details on our western blotting workflow visit the V3 Western Workflow page.


Protein Electrophoresis Workflow

Method Selection Sample Preparation Reagent Selection and Preparation Performing Electrophoresis Protein Detection and Analysis

Protein Electrophoresis Workflow.


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